We bring to you an immersive 360 degree experience of the
global startup ecosystem.

Who are we?

Venture Way is a holistic virtual startup ecosystem that connects founders, investors, mentors and other support service providers.

We act as enablers, facilitators and nurturers of ideas. We help startups validate their ideas, raise funds from angels and VCs, and connect with mentors.

We maintain a network of lawyers, accountants and other strategic business partners that founders can leverage to get their businesses off the ground.

We also actively work on educating and spreading awareness among various stakeholders of the startup ecosystem.

We are committed to helping angel investors identify startups with impact potential and we act as enablers for investment and mentoring opportunities.

Ideatory | The Venture Launcher
  • At Ideatory, we help people with great ideas, build great businesses!
  • We strive to ensure that a worthy business idea is not left to fail because it isn’t executed well.
  • We believe that we can contribute to human progress by evaluating light bulb moments, helping founders define the idea better, conceptualizing it as a scalable business, experimenting and validating its viability and setting it up for maximum growth.
Additional initiatives under


AngelsApp is Venture Way’s proprietary deal management platform that enables collection of applications from startup founders to the various investment vehicles associated with Venture Way.


Cofoundit is a platform under development that will connect founders with potential cofounders or people looking to join founding teams of startups. It is meant to help in the expansion and growth of founding teams so that startups may scale up to their full potential.

Angel Networks

At Venture Way, we are affiliated with 3 global angel networks. Startup founders have the option of leveraging any of these sources of investment for their ventures.


LAAN is an angel network consisting of alumni of London Business School (LBS) who are looking to invest in startups from ecosystems around the globe.

MyEO Angels

Formed by members of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization), MyEO Angels is a global network consisting of the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs.

Sparks Angel Network

Sparks Angel Network is a network of young and successful investors committed to supporting and nurturing start-ups with early-stage seed investments and mentoring.


Flexible Duration - 60 days or more


Expert Connects

Awards for Punctuality,
Work Ethic and Analytical skills

Weekly briefings and
review meetings


Project Reports, if required
by the University

Paid Project placement offers – Earn a chance to
be selected for a 10 month long live project!

Under graduate Internship Program

(Ecosystem Intern)

Get the best of both worlds through our undergraduate internship program. The Entrepreneur Side and the Investor Side are two sides of the same coin!

At Venture Way, we give you the opportunity to experience both sides of the coin and gain a holistic perspective of the startup ecosystem.

The Entrepreneur Side

Work with portfolio companies and internally incubated companies under Ideatory.

The Investor Side

Work with our angel networks and investors to curate and facilitate fundraising for startups.

Post Graduate Internship Program

(Incubation Analyst/Investment Analyst)

At the post graduate level, we offer you the opportunity to choose a part of the ecosystem that you would wish to work for.

Incubation Analyst

  • Support startups incubated by Ideatory
  • Business development, market research, financial modeling, financial projections and budgeting, scaling up to achieve milestones
  • Work on ideas for our internal initiatives

Investment Analyst

  • Understand and formulate investment theses
  • Curate deals for investors based on their individual investment theses
  • Coordinate pitching sessions
  • Procure quality global deal flow
Design Internship

Are you a design student looking for an internship?
We’ve got just the thing for you!

As a design intern, you will be working with our in-house designer.

Website Design

App UI Design





Product Design


We’re looking for creative, motivated individuals who will be excited to work on projects across diverse sectors and companies, creating spellbinding visuals while also being exposed to multiple sectors of the startup world.

Communications Internship

As a communications intern, you will be guided through a structured learning process delving into different elements of the startup ecosystem, understanding them and articulating various insights as a spokesperson for Venture Way across different digital media platforms, addressing a global audience.

You will also be working as a part of our strategic partnerships team, engaging with stakeholders in several startup ecosystems around the world.

By the end of your tenure as a Communications Intern with Venture Way, you will have grown substantially in terms of your understanding of the venture capital industry, your visibility and credibility on digital media, and your global connections in the startup ecosystem.

What we’re looking for
in our interns!
Under Graduate Interns
  • Soft Skills
  • Organisation Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Ability in dynamic work environments
Post Graduate Interns
  • Soft Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Competency for Research and Analysis
  • Comfort with numbers
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Ability in dynamic work environments

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